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Pride & Vision

Minis 'Taster' Sessions Available

GS United Football Club has great pride in dedicating its vision towards the coaching development of players on and off the field of play, and guiding young players to becoming the best they can be.


Our coaching program will educate players starting with the basic skills of football, with our focus being on Long Term Player Development through fun games. 


GS United Football Club gives our players "ownership" within the sessions that will promote our focus of producing young players with excellent 'decision making' skills. This will inevitably enhance their footballing "Game Sense".


We are pleased to advise that we offer the opportunity for any "New Players" to come along and have a Minis 'Taster' Practice session with our team of coaches.


It couldn't be easier! 


  • Please email us using the above link;

  • We will contact you within 48 hours to discuss availability;

  • Once a space is confirmed come & meet our coaches;

  • Join in; have fun

  • If you like what we do, you can choose to sign up with us; 

  • Or if we are not for you, then we wish you well and hope you can find the right environment to enjoy your football! 

Remember, for INDOORS winter training (October to March) we are at Grainville School near FCJ Primary School, and not at Grainville Playing Fields

at the top of St.Saviours Hill.


For OUTDOORS summer training (April - October) we are at

Le Rocquier School, La Grande Route De St Clement,

St Clement, JE2 6QP.


Why kids love GS United

"They were great, really good to watch they're attitude throughout was brilliant. There has been huge improvement in they're overall game management and they are playing with a bit of confidence and belief and most importantly they're playing as a team. You as coaches must be delighted as all your hard work is really starting to pay off"