About Game Sense United Football Club


GS United Football Club was formed in January 2015 by a private Coaching Business called Game Sense Soccer Coaching.


Game Sense Soccer Coaching launched in April 2013 with the desire to reach out and introduce, involve and educate players from all walks of life in a fun safe environment. Game Sense Soccer Coaching evolved so much, that players and parents requested match day experience to compliment our specific training program.


Through the support of the Jersey Football Association GS United Football Club was formed and obtained the FA Charter Standard kitemark. With our success and increased growth and provision of football opportunitues, including a well run and structure club behind the scenes, we were delighted to received FA Charter Standard Development Club recognition in 2018. A huge step in a short amount of time!


Throughout our experiences of coaching youth players within the island, we believe that the latest developments and techniques in coach education must be passed on to as many people involved in football as possible.



Coach Development

Through our coach education and training, we work with a holistic approach in nurturing not only footballing talent, but child development. 


Our Coaches enthusiasm, understanding and knowledge of youth football will ensure that every player who participates in one of our structured coaching programmes will be educated in all Four Corners of football. Our training sessions are carefully planned to ensure the right practice is organised for the right age and ability of our players. 


In striving for excellence and always working towards our vision, we understand that the standard of practice, the standard of education and the standard of coaching is continuously evolving and demands improvement all the time. We ensure all our coaches meet their relevant Coach Personal Development (CPD) hours each year.


We will drive to not only develop young players in the game, but will also offfer oportunites to introduce a new wave of coaches into youth football supporting the football community.


Football Education

We beleive that by educating players, parents, and coaches in our philosophy, that this may have a knock on effect and will benefit the local clubs and teams our players represent.


Players will progress in many aspects of the game, be introduced to a high standard of coaching, and just as importantly, a high level of learning and understanding that will give our players a freedom to express themselves and most importantly, the abilty to become good

'decision makers'

Coaching Program

Our coaching program will educate players starting with the basic skills of football, with our focus being on Long Term Player Development through fun games. Our program's foundation is based on fundamental movements encouraging improvement of Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed in a safe and fun environment.


GS United Football Club's focus on the delivery of our coaching to benefit the individual player's understanding of the game. We give our players "ownership" within the sessions that will promote our focus of producing young players with excellent 'decision making' skills.

This will inevitably enhance their footballing "Game Sense".