Behaviour Policy



Game Sense United expects their staff, players and parents to promote football in a positive way, and act appropriately at all times. Remember that your actions not only on the field of play, but also off it, will reflect on Game Sense United Football Clubs reputation.


For a full list of the Game Sense United Coaching Code of Conducts please click on the link below. 

Poor behaviour or bullying in any way, shape or form will not be accepted. All members of Game Sense United Football Club are expected to show respect towards each other at all times. 


We will not allow the poor behaviour of one child to upset, disrupt or prevent the development and enjoyment of the rest of the players.


Please click on the Respect FC Badge for further Information



The staff member in charge of coaching the group will attempt to deal with the child who is misbehaving, in a positive and constructive manner. They will quietly speak to the child about what the issue is that is causing them distress before any sanction takes place. The coach will listen to the child and summarise back to them ensuring that sure they have understand exactly what the problem is – this way the child feels they are being listened to, and usually at this point will defuse any potential upsetting situation for the child.


If the child is persistent with negative and unacceptable behaviour that disrupts other players and the coaching session, follow the below behaviour guidelines:-


  1. Talk with the player and warn them about the consequences for continued poor behaviour.

  2. If this fails, the child will be asked to stand on the sidelines for a 'cooling off' period and watch the session for 2-5 minutes until they have calmed down.

  3. Once the child is reintegrated back into the coaching session, re-enforce any positive behaviour to show that coaches and adults value this.

  4. If behaviour continues to deteriorate, the coach will advise the player that they will have no other option but to contact the Head Coach and/or Child Welfare Officer, and they will then contact the child’s parents to provide them with an update. The decision may be made to remove the player for the remainder of the day, and the Parent / Guardian will immediately be required to come and collect their child.

  5. If the Parent / Guardian is unable to come and collect the child immediately, the player will be required to 'sit out' the rest of the training session. 

  6. Coaches are required to keep a confidential record of the child’s misbehaviour and provide this report to the Head Coach.

  7. If the child has poor behaviour on a regular basis, the Director will consult GS Soccer Coaching's staff members and will consider suspending the child from the Club until further notice. (Only in extreme cases.)




Any complaints regarding any aspect of Game Sense United from players, parents, staff or third parties should be taken to the Head Coach, Child Welfare Officer or Club Committee. 


To contact the Head Coach please email