Coaches Best Practice Policy

All our junior coaches appointed agree to work within the Coaches Best Practice Policy at Game Sense United Football Club. As with any method of teaching, its success is based upon the coaches who deliver it. 


The following notes are to assist our coaches with the successful delivery of their practice sessions and to also provide further information to players and parents on what to expect from Game Sense United.


  • “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” – our coaches are advised to plan a coaching session the day BEFORE they are due to coach.

  • Our coaches will arrive to training sessions at least 30 minutes before they are due to start coaching.

  • Our coaches ensure First Aid kits are appropriately stocked.

  • A player register is required be taken every coaching session, and coaches should know who is picking the children up before allowing them to leave the venue.

  • Coaches should personally welcome each and every player on their arrival and thank them for their efforts after the training session ends.

  • The provision of a technical area for all players and coaches equipment.

  • Our coaches show enthusiasm throughout their session and encourage learning in a fun environment!

  • Arrival Activities are encouraged before the practice session begins

  • Our coaches are encouraged to have our players playing as soon as possible each day.

  • We will never use exercise as a punishment.

  • Our coaches will be positive in our feedback and with comments to improve players.

  • Absolutely no borderline swear words, religious references or derogatory comments.

  • We will be flexible within their practices, but stay within the progression of the session.

  • Do not allow players to wander off without permission e.g toilet breaks

  • Do not allow emotionally upset players to leave the group before the end of the coaching session.

  • Coach individuals; try not to become a commentator.

  • Our coaches are encouraged to continually challenge our players as much as their ability will allow.

  • We shall make a point of talking individually with each child (outside of coaching)

  • Absolutely no smoking or drinking alcohol in front of players before, during, or after practice sessions.

  • Our coaches work together as a team. We support each other, share coaching ideals and seek out advice from each other.

  • Our coaches are advised to treat players, coaches, families and all venues with the respect they deserve. Adhere to any rules. We understand our interaction and behaviour reflects on the prestige of the GS United Football Club.

  • Our coaches intend to communicate efficiently with parents / guardians and keep them up to date with latest developments.


All persons involved with Game Sense United Football Club at every level, have a responsibility to act according to the highest standards of integrity and to ensure that the reputation of

Game Sense United Football Club and the game of football remains high.