Terms & Conditions



  1. No smoking permitted inside any indoor venue used by GS United Football Club.

  2. Vehicle’s parked at owner’ s risk.

  3. All items left in sports hall or similar at own risk.

  4. No food or drink on any playing surface at our indoor practice venues.

  5. Under no circumstances will GS United Football Club nor Game Sense Soccer Coaching be responsible for any accident or injury to person or persons using the facilities nor will the school be responsible for any damage or loss to personal property.

  6. Weekend Classes ONLY - Please note that payments are to be paid a term in advance for our term sessions, after this date without payment we cannot guarantee your child a place for the following term.

  7. Weekend Classes ONLY - Children on the course get first option to continue into the next term. Towards the end the current Term we shall contact you for further advice on whether you wish to enrol your child in the following terms practice sessions. Unfortunately if we do not receive confirmation of your child’s enrolment by the specified date advised, your child’s place may be offered to another child



Booking confirmation

It is not possible to confirm bookings automatically.  If a booking confirmation receipt is required please provide a stamped addressed envelope.


Registrations conditions

All bookings/ registrations are subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of GS United Football Club and Game Sense Soccer Coaching.


Refunds/ Credits Policy

For cancellations more than 7 days before the commencement of our Mini’s Weekly Coaching Sessions or our Holiday School, a full refund less a £20 administration fee will be given.


For cancellations less than 7 days before attendance at our Mini’s Weekly Coaching Sessions or Holiday School, except on the production of a medical certificate, a refund cannot be given.  On the production of a medical certificate a credit for a future Mini’s Weekly Coaching Sessions or Holiday School of the same value will be given.    Refund/ credit request must be made in writing within 72 hours of claim.

By enrolling my child/children, I declare that they are fit to participate in all activities with the required equipment and consent to release GS United Football Club and all staff in addition to Game Sense Soccer Coaching, the Director and all staff from any claim or legal liability arising directly or indirectly from the program activities.


I hereby indemnify GS United Football Club and Game Sense Soccer Coaching against responsibility for any accident, consequential loss, injury suffered, or damage to any property or person arising from any matters, acts and/ or defaults outside its control by my child/children during the course of these activities. Should at any time GS United Football Club, Game Sense Soccer Coaching or their staff consider that my children require medical or hospital treatment, I consent for GS United Football Club and Game Sense Soccer Coaching to obtain this at my own personal expense.