Footballing fun... GS United players have there first match day experience...

The first official fixture for newly formed GS United Football Club! Our thanks to St.Pauls FC for being part of our morning and we look forward to playing you again soon. The games were played in a fantastic spirit, with lots of learning taking place. Also a few great saves, some excellent football and wonderful goals too from both sides! F Bastin became our first ever goal scorer with Rodrigo also scored a penalty with the longest run ever! :) Oskar, William, Elliott and Carter (with a Hat-trick) also found themselves on the score sheet throughout the different matches. A great first step in our footballing education, next up Trinity FC in March 2015. Thank you to everyone involved! Terrific day! #lovecoaching #lovefootball Lots of happy smiling faces! :)

Year 4&5 debut match...

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