Development Fixture - Trinity Football Club Mini's

Following on from our first successful match day experience for our youngsters, we are pleased to advise that GS United has a second fixture lined up against Trinity FC Mini's on Sunday 22nd March 2015.

After discussion with Trinity FC, Trinity have several Year 1 players and we are delighted to announce that a match day opportunity for our players in Year 1 players is now available!

Planning ahead, we have a greed with Trinity FC the following matches to be held:

  • A 30 minute game - 9:30am - Year 1&2 (5 aside)

  • A 30 minute game - 10:10am - Year 1&2 (5 aside)

  • A 40 minute game - 10:50am - Our Year 3 against Trinity's Year 3&4 (6 aside)

  • A 40 minute game - 11:30am - Year 4&5 (7 aside)

Due to this match day opportunity and all ages being involved, we shall be cancelling our Practice Sessions at Grainville School on this day.

Matches will be held at Trinity FC's home ground, with refreshment being made available.

Thank you to Trinity FC for this opportunity of providing more football for our players.

vs Trinity FC.jpg


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