Fixtures - St Clement Mini's Festival 2015

Good evening all,

We have received the fixtures for this weekends Festival for our two squads taking part. Please see attached information regarding this weekend and I would like to highlight the Weather conditions!

  1. Sadly the forecast is rain, rain and more rain! With the added bonus of some wind! Please ensure you children have enough layers and a change of clothes to stay warm and dry!

  2. Arrival time for players each day is 9:30am.

  3. Please can players wear white shorts and socks if possible and don't forget your boots AND shin pads!

Saturday Squad:

  1. Freddie B

  2. Boden M

  3. Luke C

  4. Jayden P

  5. Oskar S

  6. Ted G

  7. Bradley C

  8. Laurenco R

  9. Owen CC

Sunday Squad:

  1. Carter B

  2. Adam B

  3. Jay A

  4. Freddie B

  5. Elliott LQ

  6. Felix O

  7. Harlan M

  8. Oscar K

  9. William M

If any of our other students whom are not participating would like to come down and support our players it would be great to see you there.

Please note on Sunday Ken will meet the Year 4&5 squad at St Clements football pitch; and I will run our regular practice sessions as normal for Group 1 and Group 2 at Grainville.

In preparation for this Festival we would like to provide you with further information about the format of the day and our structure at GS United FC regarding the expectations we have of players, spectators and our own coaches.


The festival will be held at St.Clements Football Club and games will kick off at 10am. Please arrive for 9:30am to enable us to hand out match day kit for players, take a register and give parents and players any further information that maybe required.

Saturday 25th April will be for players in School Years 2&3, and Sunday 26th April will be for players in School Years 4&5. There will be plenty of match time available for all members of the playing squad with many games on offer throughout the day.

In response to our communication regarding player availability, we have now filled the allocated spaces for each squad on a first come first serve basis. Players who will be participating have been confirmed via email.

  • The Year 2&3 festival is 5 a-side with a minimum squad of seven players and maximum squad of nine players.

  • The Year 4&5 festival is 7 a-side with a minimum squad of nine players and maximum squad of eleven players.

Please provide drinks for your children. BBQ and Refreshments will be hosted by St. Clement Football Club


As always, we would like to take this opportunity to stress that all Festivals that we enter are about player enjoyment and learning more about the game in a positive way.

At GS United, we as a coaching team are dedicated and committed to improving player ability, performance and preparing them for the next level in their football career. At primary School level especially, we continue to believe player development is essential and more important than the actual results of game.

Some of our young players may have never been in a football festival environment before, and our coaches take a holistic approach to help all players progress and learn on and off the field of play.

With your support, our aim is to continue our Best Practice Policy and promote our Philosophy into any festival arena where our positive habits are instilled in the players.


Just to reiterate the above.... Please take into consideration any adverse weather conditions. Please be sensible in providing clothing for your child that will keep them warm in the event of heavy rain, and of course, looking at the other side of the spectrum, provide sunscreen, after-sun cream etc in case of hot conditions

We are extremely confident that the weekend’s football festival, not just on the playing field, but also off it, will have a positive effect on each player, and that every player will take another step forward in their football development.

“To win at all costs is not the true test of achievement. There is nothing wrong with trying to win as long as you don’t put the prize above the performance. There is no disgrace in defeat as long as you play to your best ability and give total commitment”

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