Development Fixture - St Ouen's FC Minis

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We are pleased to advise that we have out third development fixture lined up against St.Ouen’s FC Mini’s on Sunday 10th May 2015.

After discussion with St Ouen’s FC, we have agreed the following format for matches to be played.

  • 30 minute game 09:30am - Year 1&2

  • 40 minute game 10:20am - Year 3&4

  • 45 / 60 minute game 11:10am - Year 4&5

Matches will be held at training venue in Grainville School.

Due to the Development matches taking place on Sunday morning, there will be no practice sessions running.

Playing squads are:

YEAR 1&2 - KICK OFF AT 09:30AM

  1. Layten H

  2. Gus D

  3. Joseph G

  4. Ashton P

  5. Freddie B Coach: Jon Le Fondre

  6. Charlie R

  7. Boden M

  8. Luke H

  9. Luke C

  10. Carter O

  11. Samuel J

YEAR 3&4 - KICK OFF AT 10:50AM

  1. Jayden P

  2. Ted G

  3. Oskar S

  4. Rodrigo M Coaches: Aaron Travers & Brandon Brawley

  5. Laurenco R

  6. Owen C

  7. Francisco S

  8. Jay A

  9. Adam B

  10. Declan W

  11. Bradley C

YEAR 4&5 - KICK OFF AT 11:25AM

  1. Carter G

  2. George C

  3. Elliott LQ Coach: Ken Brawley

  4. Harlan M

  5. Natalie D

  6. Sofia R

  7. Oscar K

  8. William M

  9. Felix O’C

  10. Ben E

Please ensure your child arrives 15 minutes before kick off and meets their team coach.


We understand that you as parents will have your views on games and obviously want your child to perform well. But as you are all aware, we at Game Sense Soccer request that parents refrain from shouting any negative or tactical opinions at your child or any other player. We also request that spectators remain behind the coned off spectator line whilst in attendance.

“Encouragement Provides Players With Confidence!”

Players involved in our development fixtures may take some time to adjust to the match day experience. To add to this pressure your children may play against sides that are more physical and intimidating to what they are accustomed too.

Please understand that it is the coaches role to provide advice and tactical knowledge to the team and individual. If in the excitement of matches, parents and spectators offer instruction which differ to those coached in our practice sessions at Grainville, or during match play, the children may become confused or unsure. Of course we would expect everyone associated to GS United to offer encouragement and applaud good football and fair play to all teams involved.

We are extremely confident development fixture programme we are introducing, not just on the playing field, but also off it, will have a positive effect on each player, and that every player will take another step forward in their football development.

“To win at all costs is not the true test of achievement. There is nothing wrong with trying to win as long as you don’t put the prize above the performance. There is no disgrace in defeat as long as you play to your best ability and give total commitment

Our concern is the welfare of your children and their enjoyment and experience in playing the game they love. I trust that the above is all in order, and as a parent, guardian or player, please feel free to contact me regarding any issues or concerns you may have.

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