Mini's Restructure - Now including Reception class!

GS United Football Club are pleased to announce their Mini’s Section will now include youngsters in Reception Class!

From September 2015, our Mini’s Section will be restricted and will consist of three practice Groups on Sunday mornings during Term time.

Group 1 for Reception Class and School Year 1 will run from 9am to 10am with Coach Jonathon Le Fondre and Coach Brandon Brawley.

Group 2 for Schools years 2&3 will run from 10am to 11am with Head Coach Aaron Travers and Coach Damon O’Driscoll.

Group 3 for School years 4&5 will run from 11am to 12pm with Coach Ken Brawley.

All the above practices are restricted to just 18 participants ensuring that each player receives the quality interaction required from our coaches to aid their individual progress.

Our football programme is designed to improve players of all ages and abilities at every stage of their progression. Football is a great character building sport for both boys and girls, who as a result will hopefully gain greater self-confidence from an early age.

Our vision to develop players on and off the field of play, and guide young players to become the best they can be is promoted by the recruitment of some of the best local coaches within the island.

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We will provide:

  • Small practice groups creating a positive learning environment!

  • Every player is provided with an opportunity to play! (A minimum of 50% playing time in each match)

  • Modern up-to-date practice sessions with qualified coaches!

  • INDOOR training facilities providing a safe, warm environment through the winter months for consistent practice sessions!

If you would like to know more, please contact us at

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