Josh Le Cornu Returns from Senegal, West Africa

At the end of last season our GS United Minis met with Joshua Le Cornu.

For the past 10 years Josh has played most of his footballing career under the guidance of our head coach Aaron Travers and more recently with coach Ken Brawley. Josh was an established member of the Jersey Capita Centre of Excellence for several years before choosing to opt out this season to concentrate on his ‘A’ level studies in preparation for continuing his education at University.

During the summer Josh dedicated his time and commitment to supporting children through care projects, with a variety of programmes including education, hygiene, healthcare and sports in poverty stricken area in St. Louis, Senegal, on the coast of West Africa.

The project is run by Projects Abroad and it involves helping the local street children known as Talibés to become more independent and improve their quality of life.

As part of our commitment to supporting others, GS United donated a minimum of £5.00 from each player registration for the Summer Term 2015 to help Josh achieve his objective through the 'Projects Abroad' program.

Josh has since returned to Jersey and recently cuaght up with Aaron about his time in West Africa.

"What an amazing experience it was for me! I got a chance to see a whole new face of the world and help out those who have far less. I came away feeling like I had made a big difference in their lives" Josh explained.

During his residence in Senegal, Josh stated,

"Living with the family was tough, especially on my own. I was fully immersed in their way of life and their culture, eating with them and trying to communicate and understand their tribal language was challenging, but the experience I had was worth it"

He continued, "I would just like to add another huge thanks to all those who supported my trip and made this lifetime experience a reality!"

To add to the sponsorship provided to Josh, GS United Football Club donated Football Kit and footballs for Josh to take with him and provide to the families and children he met.

Now back at School, Josh shall soon be completing a presentation to his Victoria College peers and teachers about his trip.

Thank you to our players and parents for helping us to help Josh with this once in a lifetime experience.

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