GS United Minis Return!

GS United Minis returns this Sunday 8th November 2015, and our coaching team cannot wait! Woo-hoooo!

We hope you have all enjoyed your half term holiday and of course, the kids returning back to school!

With the weather undoubtably becoming a little hit or miss in the coming weeks, please can I ask you all to ensure that your child brings both their football boots and a pair trainers from now on just in case we have to move indoors at short notice!

We also recommend jumpers, rain jackets and tracksuit bottoms too. We would rather our players have layers to take off when they get warm rather than not have any extra clothing to put on if they get cold.

Planning ahead, with regards to when we do move to inside the sports halls to practice, we kindly request that parents, players and any spectators adhere to the following rules:

1. All spectators and other players not in the current practice to remain outside the sports hall and in the hallway.

We are sure you understand that having 18 players and 3 coaches in the sports hall is more than sufficient. We recognise that having additional spectators on the inside of the sports hall creates further hazards and distractions to the group whom are actively participating in the practice. Safety is paramount, and we would like to reduce any risk of players receiving an injury by tripping over or running into a spectator on the sidelines.

If you have siblings in other groups, please try to provide some entertainment for those players waiting their turn so to speak.

2. Please refrain from bringing any food and drink into the sports hall.

With the hard floor, the smallest of spills could cause a major accident if one of the players slipped. As I'm am sure you understand, we would like to provide the safest possible environment that is conducive to learning.

As a coaching team we greatly appreciate your help regarding the above and always welcome and acknowledge the support of your children.

Looking forward to Sunday!


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