Meet Ferdous...

GS United Football Club are delighted to introduce Ferdous, our sponsored child to our students. Please see attached photos.

Ferdous lives in Nilphamari, Bangledesh with his Mum and Dad and he has two sisters and one brother. Ferdous is 7 years old and currently attends Nursery School.

Getting to know a child in another country can be educational and inspiring. Ferdous and his family could really enjoy hearing from other children in Great Britain, and are thoroughly looking forward to hearing from some of our GS United players!

We would like to encourage our players to write to Ferdous and his family.

Things to include in your letters may be to ask about Ferdous' family and School, maybe talk a little bit about your family life too, food you like, sports...You may wish to draw pictures, write postcards and even send photos to build a connection.

Please keep things simple and write clearly as our letters may need to be translated. Our letters will always be read and verified by Plan UK before being sent on to Ferdous and his family.

If your child would like to write a basic letter to Ferdous please let us know and shall send your mail of to Plan UK on your behalf from GS United!

Christmas is coming, and it takes several weeks for our letters to be hand delivered.... it would be nice to write a Christmas card to Ferdous and his family, our coaches will bring a card up to training for our players to sign if they wish too, and we shall include any letters from our players when we post our Christmas Card.

If any of our players would like to donate their old orange and white GS United kits, please bring them along to us a training and we shall forward these on to Ferdous and his friends.

Penpals can lead to great friendships, please speak to your children about how we are supporting Ferdous and ask them if they would like to be involved further.


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