Squads vs Jersey Wanderers - 13/03/16

Evening all,

We are delighted to have secured another development fixture this weekend. Following on from our previous emails, thank you for your responses and please see the below squads for this fixture:-

Wanderers Year 3 vs GS United Year 3&4 match will kick off at 9:30am

  1. Freddie B

  2. Hayden G

  3. Luke H

  4. Luke C

  5. Ted G

  6. Bradley C

  7. Owen CC

  8. Francisco S

  9. Jack C

  10. William M

Wanderers Year 2 vs GS United Year 2&3 match will kick off at 10:30am

  1. Gustaw D

  2. Layten H

  3. Ashton P

  4. Samuel J

  5. Oliver T

  6. Carter O

  7. Olly F

  8. Alex C

  9. Max K

  10. Joseph G

Wanderers Year 4 vs GS United Year 4&5 match will kick off at 11:30am

  1. Jayden P

  2. Rodrigo M

  3. Laurenco R

  4. Brandon B

  5. Christopher DS

  6. Carter B

  7. Elliot LQ

  8. George C

  9. Adam B

  10. Ethan M

Matches will be 6 aside and roughly 4 x 10 minute quarters.

As we are the away team, we will have to fit into Jersey Wanderers schedule for the morning so times will vary to our usual Sunday morning practice times.

Due to this match day opportunity, we shall be cancelling our Practice Sessions for School Years 2,3,4&5 at Grainville School on the Sunday 13th March.

However, Group 1 Practice for Reception and School Year 1 shall run as usual at Grainville School from 9am-10am with Coaches Jon and Brandon.

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