Player Transition - Practice Group Changes

Hello everyone,

Over the last few weeks of term we would like to transition those children who are moving up from Group 1 to Group 2, and Group 2 to Group 3.

We propose to integrate small groups of players at a time to allow the children to meet the the players currently in the group above them and build a rapport ahead of returning to practice next season.

Below is a list of dates and player names who we would like to start moving up to meet there new team mates.

Year 1 to Year 2 10am-11am

  • QUINLAN O 19-Jun

  • EDDIE K 19-Jun

  • ZACHARY T 19-Jun

  • SONNY D 19-Jun

  • KAILAN DS 26-Jun

  • TAYLOR LS 26-Jun

  • JACK B 26-Jun

  • JAKE S 26-Jun

  • JAYDEN P 03-Jul

  • DANIEL A 03-Jul

  • ALFIE G 03-Jul

  • ALEX C 03-Jul

Year 3 to Year 4 11am - 12pm

  • BODEN M 19-Jun

  • LUKE H 19-Jun

  • LUKE C 19-Jun

  • FREDDIE B 26-Jun

  • HAYDEN G 26-Jun

  • WILLIAM M 26-Jun

  • CARTER O 03-Jul

  • OLIVER F 03-Jul

  • MAX K 03-Jul

If for any reason your child cannot move up to their new practice Group and Time on the allocated dates above please discuss with Ken Brawley at practice this Sunday.

For players and parents currently in School Year 5 whom we shall be very sad to see leave our Game Sense family at the end of term, both Ken and I shall discuss with you your plans for next season and provide you with any guidance and contact details necessary to enable your child to continue playing football in Year 6.

Please note that I am currently of the island on a family holiday from Saturday 18th June to Sunday 26th June 2016. If you require any further information or your child cannot attend a practice session please let Contact Ken on 07797 736960.

Have a great couple of weeks playing football and watching the Euro's! C'mon England!

I look forward to seeing you all on my return.

Best wishes,


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