Squads vs St Lawrence Minis

We are pleased to advise that we have agreed our first game of the 2017 this Saturday 21st January at Springfield Stadium!

This will be our first ever development fixture against St Lawrence Football Club and we are thoroughly looking forward to it.

Fixtures and kick off times will be:-

Game 1 Squad

St Lawrence Year 2 vs GS United Year 2 match will kick off at 10:30am - (5 aside)

  • Alex C

  • Eddie K

  • Jack B

  • Jake S

  • Ross T

  • Kailan DS

  • Quinlan O

  • Tayler LS

Game 2 Squad

St Lawrence Year 3 vs GS United Year 2&3 match will kick off at 10:30am - (5 aside)

  • Sonny D

  • Zachary T

  • Gustaw D

  • Ashton P

  • Samuel J

  • Layten H

  • Alex K

  • Joseph G

Game 3 Squad

St Lawrence Year 4 vs GS United Year 4&5 match will kick off at 11:30am - (7 aside)

  • Max K

  • Boden M

  • Luke C

  • Carter O

  • William M

  • Freddie B

  • Hayden G

  • Christian W

Game 4 Squad

St Lawrence Year 5 vs GS United Year 4&5 match will kick off at 11:30am - (7 aside)

  • Luke H

  • Oliver F

  • Ted G

  • Owen CC

  • Rodrigo M

  • CK DS

  • Sam P

  • Lourenco R

  • Brandon B

Matches will be 40 minutes long split into four periods of 10 minutes. All always all players will have am minimum of 50% playing time.

Please ensure players arrive 20 minutes before kick off with their boots, shin pads and drinks. We would also advise wearing a tracksuit if the weather is cold and we shall where our Orange Shirt on top of the tracksuit to ensure the players remain warm.

We kindly request that all spectators remain behind the "Spectator Line" of each pitch to allow the players to play without spectators encroaching onto the field of play.

Thank you once again for your support and commitment to GS United and see you Saturday for some fun, enjoyable and entertaining football!

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