JTC Wanderers Minis Festival 8th & 9th July.

GS United are excited to be involved in the new JTC Jersey Wanderers Festival. It is there first attempt for some years to host a Festival and we are sure that with your help, we can make it a hugely enjoyable weekend for everyone concerned.

Please find below the necessary information regarding the weekend. Fixtures list have been drawn up by JTC Wanderers and will be sent to us in the next few days. Copies will also be available in the clubhouse.

Each team is scheduled to play 7 matches, with games on each day kicking off at 10.00 sharp and ending at 14.00. Timekeeping will be managed centrally with Club Managers will be encouraged to referee one half of the pitch each.

On Saturday, the Year 4 and Year 5 teams will play 7 a side. There are 12 teams entered on this day, 6 in each section.

Saturday 8th July will be for Years 4&5 (7 aside format) and coached by Ken Brawley and Jack Guille.

Playing squad will be:-

  • F Bastin

  • B Moss

  • L Haycock

  • L Carvalho

  • W Marriott

  • H Glaser

  • T Griffiths

  • O Callec-Coyle

  • CK Dos Santos

  • S Patidar

  • L Rodrigues

  • B Bernauer

On Sunday, the Year 2 and Year 3 teams will play 5 a side. There are 8 teams in the former and 6 in the latter. Two squads of 7 players each will be chosen from the below players who have confirmed availabilty:-

  • A Kopacz

  • G Dorosz

  • Z Thomasson

  • J Bryan

  • J Skinner

  • A Catterson

  • K Da Silva

  • Q O'Driscoll

  • S Derrien

  • T Le Saint

  • K Guille

  • J Griffiths

  • A Planner

  • S James

  • L Howard

Coaches will be Damon O'Driscoll and Aaron Travers.

Please ensure players arrive no later than 9:20am.

As usual, games will incorporate rolling substitutes, retreating to halfway, backpasses may be picked up by goalkeepers and goalkeepers must roll the ball out.


0830 JTC Park opens. Team managers may park to the left of the clubhouse. All other vehicles will be directed to park in the field to the right of the driveway, with overflow parking only available strictly on the south side of rugby pitch 6. A map is attached to the email. Driveway to be kept clear at all times for ambulance access.

Gazebos and tents for teams and families may be set up away from the clubhouse.

0900 Brief managers’ meeting in the clubhouse. Medals handed out for later distribution.

0940 Group photo in front of clubhouse

1000-1400 Games played, with a break 1200-1230. Bibs will be provided where colours clash. Please ensure match footballs remain at the pitches. Pitch area to be cordoned off – no spectators between the pitches please.

Hot and cold drinks and hot food available from on-site caterers. Ice creams and snacks sold in the clubhouse. Football boots to be removed before entering the clubhouse please. Toilets accessed within the clubhouse.

No alcohol will be on sale during the festival. Please do not bring alcohol to the ground.

Codes of Conduct are attached and it is expected that they are observed by everyone.

A first aid kit is available in the clubhouse. The nearest defibrillator is on the rugby area immediately behind the northwest corner of JTC Park.

Please consider suitable clothing for the weather, use sun cream and be mindful of litter.

Above all, enjoy your day supporting GS United and applauding good play and sportsmanship from all.

This weekend two of our five coaches are on holiday and unfortunately this means we cannot be in two locations at once. Therefore our training session on the SUNDAY 9th JULY will be cancelled for all age groups.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however, we look forward to seeing you all again for our final practice session of the season on Sunday 16th July.

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