GS Utd squads vs Trinity FC Minis

We are delighted to advise that our friends from Trinity FC Minis will be attending Grainville this weekend for our first development of the new season. We have five games lined up as well as our normal practice session for our Reception and Year 1 players.

Please arrive 20 minutes before kick off for you game.

Game 1 - GS United Year 2 vs Trinity Year 2

9:15am Kick off - 5 aside / 3x10 minute periods

  • Cole S

  • Bailey W

  • Freddie C

  • Harry G

  • Tom I

  • Harry S

Game 2 - GS United Year 2&3 vs Trinity Year 2

9:50am Kick off / 5 aside / 3x10 minute periods

  • Alex C

  • Jack B

  • Jake S

  • Kailan DS

  • Ross T

  • Eddie K

Game 3 - GS United Year 3&4 vs Trinity Year 3&4

10:30am Kick Off / 6 aside / 4x10 minute periods

  • Quinlan O

  • Taylor LS

  • Sonny D

  • Kai G

  • Alex C

  • Joseph G

  • Samuel J

Game 4 - GS United Year 4&5 vs Trinity Year 4s

11:10am Kick Off / 6 aside / 4x10 minute periods

  • Zachary T

  • Gustaw D

  • Ashton P

  • Christian W

  • Luke C

  • William M

  • Max K

  • Dexter K

Game 5 - GS United Year 4&5 vs Trinity Year 4&5

11:45am Kick Off / 6 aside / 4x10 minute periods

  • Alex K

  • Layten H

  • Boden M

  • Luke H

  • Freddie B

  • Hayden G

  • Sam P


Whilst enjoying the mornings football, please can an all spectators ensure they remain behind the Red coned off Spectator line during matches.

Our coaches understand that you as Parents, Guardians and Spectators will have your views on games and obviously want your child to perform well. But, at GS United we request that parents refrain from shouting any negative or tactical opinions at their child or any other player.

Please understand that players do hear any negative comments made on the sidelines and these remarks will stay with them for a very long time. In fact they may never forget them.

Our children will make mistakes, but that’s ok. Our joint encouragement and support will provide our children with confidence to positively express themselves.

You have given us the privilege of coaching you child, where we will support them in their passion for the game and their development within it. The job of our Coaching Team is to provide a learning environment where tactical knowledge of the game, team and individual player performance is delivered in a tactful way to enhance their learning in a fun environment.

Here's a little taster of why our kids love playing football...


We would also like to take this opportunity to ask parents to park in the car park directly outside of Grainville Schools main entrance or in the playing fields car park higher up and walk down to our training venue

GS United Kit

As usual, please ensure that all players wear our GS United full kit with orange socks, black shorts and orange jersey sponsored by and bring a water bottle, shin pads and boots with them. No boots or shin pads, no participation.


If you are unable to attend or are running late, please contact Coach Ken Brawley on 07797 736960 as soon as possible.

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