vs JTC Jersey Wanderers

We are pleased to advise that we have agreed another development fixture with our friends at JTC Jersey Wanderers for this Sunday 26th November at Les Ormes for Years 2,3,4&5.

Kick off times will be slightly later than normal (extra hour in bed for you!) :-

Year 2 game kicking off at 11:15am

  • Jaden M

  • Ryan P

  • Alex C

  • Bailey W

  • Freddie C

  • Harry G

  • Tom I

  • Harry S

Year 3 games kicking off at 11:15am

  • Jack B

  • Jake S

  • Quinlan O

  • Kailan DS

  • Taylor LS

  • Ross T

  • Kai G

  • Miles G

Year 4 games kicking off at 12:15pm

  • Zachary T

  • Gustaw D

  • Alex C

  • Joesph G

  • Ashton P

  • Samuel J

  • Alex K

  • Dexter K

Year 5 games kicking off at 12:15pm

  • Layten H

  • Boden M

  • Luke H

  • Luke C

  • William M

  • Hayden G

  • Christian W

  • Sam P

PLEASE NOTE:- We shall continue to run our Reception and Year 1 group at Grainville school at a later start time of 9:30am-10:30am

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