vs St.Pauls FC Minis - Sunday 11th March

Game Sense United mini's are delighted to announce our next development fixture being played on Sunday 11th March (Mothers day) vs St. Pauls FC at Grainville School.

For directions please click on on this link http://www.gsunited.co.uk/contact

Additional parking is available at Grainville Playing Fields with a small walk down the stairs/path to Grainville School. Our playing venue is over the roundabout and between the Green gates with FCJ Primary School on the right hand side. Please drive slow and carefully.

The format of the morning is:-

Our Reception and Year 1 class with run as normal in the sports hall from 9am-10am with Coaches Jack and Aaron.

GS United Year 2 vs St Pauls Year 2 (9:15am Kick off / 5 aside / 3x10 minute periods) with Coach Damon.

GS United Year 3/4 vs St Pauls Year 3 (9:50am Kick off / 5 aside / 3x10 minute periods) with Coach Ken.

GS United Year 3/4 vs St Pauls Year 3/4 (10:30am Kick Off / 5 aside / 4x10 minute periods) with Coach Jack.

GS United Year 4 vs St Pauls Year 4 (11:10am Kick Off / 7 aside / 4x10 minute periods) with Coach Aaron

GS United Year 5 vs St Pauls Year 5 (11:45am Kick Off / 7 Aside / 4x10 minute periods) with Coach Ken

GS United Year 2 Squad (5aside) - 9:15am Kick off

Coach Damon

  • J Maindonald

  • R Potter

  • B Webb

  • F Cornic

  • H Glynn

  • T Ingram

  • H Swemmers

GS United Year 3/4 Squad (5aside) - 9:50am Kick off

Coach Ken

  • A Czapiga

  • K Da Silva

  • Q O'Driscoll

  • R Tevendale

  • T Le Saint

  • M Giles

GS United Year 3/4 Squad (5aside) - 10:30am Kick off

Coach Jack

  • S Derrian

  • L Pearce

  • E Katamba

  • K Guille

  • J Skinner

  • A Catterson

GS United Year 4 Squad (7aside) - 11:10am Kick off

Coach Aaron

  • Z Thomasson

  • G Dorosz

  • A Planner

  • S James

  • A Kopacz

  • D Kelly

  • L Howard

  • O Brown

  • A Blampied

GS United Year 5 Squad (7aside) - 11:50am Kick off

Coach Ken

  • B Moss

  • L Haycock

  • L Carvalho

  • F Bastin

  • W Marriott

  • O Fus

  • H Glaser

  • M Katamba

  • C Dupre

  • S Patidar

Please can all players bring the football boots, shin pads and a drink. Plus of course warm clothing just incase the weather is not the best!

The timing will be strict for each game to ensure we can all get away and take the most important people out for lunch and treats - our mums!

Please arrive 20 minutes before kick off and report into our coaches.

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