Game Sense Minis Vs St.Lawrence Minis

We're delighted to announce our first development fixture of the season against our friends at St.Lawrence FC.

This fixture will include lots of 'debuts' for our youngsters playing their first ever football match representing Game Sense United! Woo-hooo!

The mornings football will be held at Grainville School (near FCJ Primary School) will host four football matches:-

Fixtures and kick off times will be:-

Game 1)

St Lawrence Year 2&3 vs GS United Year 2&3 match will kick off at 10:15am

5 aside Squad with Coach James

  • Kayde H

  • Evan P

  • Eric DS

  • Jaden M

  • Oliver F

  • Ryan P

Game 2) St Lawrence Year 2&3 vs GS United Year 2&3 match will kick off at 10:15am

5 aside Squad with Coach Jack

  • Liam M

  • Olly CC

  • Alex V

  • Benjamin D

  • Bailey W

  • Diogo C

Game 3) St Lawrence Year 3 vs GS United Year 3 match will kick off at 11:15am

5 aside Squad with Coach Aaron

  • Conor B

  • Alex C

  • Freddie C

  • Tom I

  • Harry S

  • Brooklyn G

Game 4) St Lawrence Year 4 vs GS United Year 4&5 match will kick off at 11:15am

7 aside Squad with Coaches Damon and Marco

  • Kai G

  • Luca P

  • Quinlan O

  • Kailan DS

  • Sonny D

  • Owen B

  • Ashton P

  • Daniel B

  • Oliver B

  • Niall M

Matches will be up to 40 minutes long split into periods of 10 minutes. As always all players will have a minimum of 50% playing time.

KIT:- Players who do not yet have a GS United football kit, a spare one will be provided for you. Please ensure all players have shin pads, boots and a drink. We are happy for youngsters to wear skins/tracksuits if required.

PARKING:- Additional parking can be found at Grainville playing fields that is a few minutes walk away. Follow the pathway down to the front of Grainville School and follow the path right around the around about towards FCJ Primary school. You will find our football pitches set up through the green gates.

SPECTATOR LINE:- All spectators are required to remain behind the designated spectator REPECT lines. You will be asked to return to this area if required. Please support all coaches and players on both teams and kindly follow our guidelines to provide the best possible atmosphere for young children to enjoy their game.

Please arrive 20 minutes before Kick off and register in with your coaches.

NB: Our reception and Year 1 practice group will remain in action from 9am-10am (please bring trainers and boots just in case)

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