Year 5 JFA Collas Crill Round Round

We are delighted to be involved in the JFA Collas Crill Round Robin event to be played at Springfield Stadium on the morning of Sunday 28th October for Year 5 players. (Start of Half Term)

Game Sense United will be entering a young squad mixed with Year 4&5 players and look forward to your continued support of our kids doing what they love best, enjoying their football! Woo-hooo!

Squad for the event will be:

  • Kai G

  • Luca P

  • Quinlan O

  • Kailan DS

  • Sonny D

  • Owen B

  • Ashton P

  • Daniel B

  • Dexter K

  • Niall M

Please report into Coach Damon at the back of the stand of the Grand Stand on arrival at 8:30am.

Important Information

  1. Players to arrive at 8.30am ready for first Kick off at 9.00am

  2. Car Park – Due to facility being open to all Active users’ ONLY coaches can park on site. Parents and spectators are to use parking at Highlands College

  3. Player Drop Off – Either of the Springfield car parks in the morning

  4. Footwear – No Metal Studded or tight bladed boots

  5. Changing Rooms – Open to all to use for changing if required but NOT to store bags/equipment.

Rules and Format

  • 14 teams of split into 4 groups. (2 groups of 4 and 2 groups of 3)

  • Matches are 12 minutes long – No extra time for stoppages

  • 7 a side with rolling subs through matches

  • Pass backs allowed to keepers

  • Retreat Lines on goal kicks

  • Keepers not allowed to kick out of their hands

  • Extra games will be provided after the group matches have been completed

All games will finish at 11.50am and the pitch needs to be cleared by all players and coaches of by 12:10pm.

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