First fixture in 2019 for Years 4&5

We are delighted to have our first development fixture of 2019 with St Peters Football Club for Sunday 20th January at Grainville School for our Years 4&5.

Two matches are expected to be played in the 6 aside format.

GAME 1 - GS United Year 4&5 vs St Peter Year 5 kicking off at approximately 11:00am

(Please arrive no later than 10:40 to report into coaches James and Marco)


  • Ben

  • Jose

  • Ethan

  • Kai

  • Kailan

  • Luca

  • Owen

  • Quinlan

GAME 2 - GS United Year 4&5 vs St Peter Year 5 kicking off at approximately 11:45am

(Please arrive no later than 11:20am to report into coaches Damon and Marco)


  • Daniel

  • Dexter

  • Nail

  • Ollie

  • Ashton

  • Kai

  • Kailan

  • Quinlan

Indoors or Outdoors?! (that is the question!)

For the game this week if we have the opportunity to play outdoors we will. Of course this is weather dependant (fingers crossed).

Please can you ensure that players bring BOTH FOOTBALL BOOTS AND TRAINERS as well as appropriate warm clothing. (we have no problem with youngsters wearing skins, tracksuits, rain jackets etc under their GS kit).

NB - if we play indoors unfortunately there is limited spectator viewing to watch the game therefore NO SPECTATORS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE SPORTS HALL during play.

If you are running late or your youngster is unable to participate at late notice please call Aaron on 07797 749716 or Damon on 07797 733138

We continue to run our first two practice sessions for Reception and Year 1 group at the usual start time of 9am-10am and our Year 2&3 group from 10am-11am.

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