GS United Minis enjoy an Awesome Weekend at Wanderers Festival 2019


Huge thanks to Clive, Darren, Bradley and their volunteer workforce at JTC Wanderers in providing another enjoyable festival this year!

Our youngsters from Reception through to Year 5 all enjoyed playing their game in another well organised fixtures program.

Lots of Game Sense United debuts throughout each of our age groups that included lots of goals goals goals! Saves, saves, saves! Tackles, tackles, tackles! Dribbles, dribbles, drib... well you get the picture, but most important what a great load of FUN, FUN, FUN!

Win, lose, or draw each of our teams competed, work hard and showed great togetherness and teamwork in our beautiful #orangebubble ;-)

A Ma-HOO-Sive shout out to our dedicated coaching team who work tirelessly and give up large parts of their own weekends to provide football opportunities four our young players. (and of course an even bigger shout out to our own partners too for putting up with our footballing bug and time away from our own families - you all rock!)

And finally, to our players and parents, where quite simply these events wouldn't happen without your support and belief in the 'GS United Way'.

This Saturday 25th May we look forward to our final Round Robin event at Springfield for our Year 3&4 players. (An updated email has been sent to you today please reply no later than tomorrow)

For now though, sit back, relax and enjoy some outstanding highlights from Saturdays festival on the link below.

#practice #learn #improve #gsunited

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