GS Round Robins Success!

Over the past 4 weeks Game Sense United piloted some small Round Robin events at Le Rocquier School.

Three separate events involving four clubs including Jersey Wanderers, St.Pauls, Jersey Scottish, St.Ouen, St.Lawrence and Trinity for players in Years 3,4&5 were delivered to provide over 100 players with match day opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge of the game whilst aslo receiving a bag and water bottle from our new sponsor Ingram Advocates.

Through the positive feedback we have received from other clubs, parents and coaches we are pleased to be making further plans for next Spring where we hope to double the event for each age group to include up to 8 clubs and provide an event for Year 2 players as well.

A huge thanks to our coaching team who work tirelessly to provide these match day opportunities as well as running our weekly practice sessions at the same time.

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