GS Mini Round Robin Events sponsored by Ingram Advocates

We're delighted to announce that after a long wait of our postponed 2020 event, Our GS United Round Robin events are back on! We have doubled the pitches, doubled the teams and doubled the footballing opportunities for young players!

In June and July 2021 we shall host four 8 team events for School Years 2,3,4&5 at Le Rocquier School.

Each team involved will play six 12 minute games throughout the morning with 5 aside for Year 2, 6 aside for Year 3 and 7 aside for School Years 4&5.

With each event being fully subscribed for, it looks to be a fantastic month for minis football! We can't wait to host our friends from around the island in a fun, safe, learning environment.

#practice #learn #improve #bebetterthanyesterday #gsunited #gsgirls

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