“To encourage players to develop their technique, skill, creativity and game understanding in a safe, enjoyable and supportive learning environment while demanding the highest standards of sportsmanship, fair play and player development”


"Continuous education, patience, support and courage are fundamental if coaches are to help teams and individuals become the best players they can be” 


It is vital that coaches of young players are aware of much more than the game of football itself, and are conscious of the wider issues which impact upon player development”



"A clearly defined playing philosophy provides direction, purpose and guidance to the process of coaching young players. Football should be played with an efficient, economical, measured, possession based approach, where pass quality combined with intelligent and timely support and movement lead to progress and penetration through the thirds of the field to provide goal scoring opportunities IF counter attacking possibilities are denied”


“To defend effectively and efficiently: a team should display a controlled, calculated and assertive approach where all players contribute and have a clear understanding of the tactical objectives being used to regain possession of the ball” 


“The game style will allow and encourage all players to contribute to the attacking phase with variety, audacity and with considered risk taking and in the defending phase with understanding, assertiveness and decisiveness”